NFL Fantasy Football Pool Statistics

2011/12 Projected Stats & 2010 Historical Stats for QB RB WR TE

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Updated Sep 6 2011: Latest stats and Yahoo! player links. Sorry for the delay and
the lack of IDP stats this year. As they say in fantasy, there is always next year!

Download the 2010 spreadsheet.
Updated Sep 7 2010: Added Week 4 byes. Added a notepad to the draft board.
Updated Sep 3 2010: Updated data, fixed auto-roster spot formula and Draft Board pick # input.
Updated Sep 2 2010: Fixed Data Validation on Draft Board.

Screenshots: one | two | three | four

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Stats were pulled from Yahoo using Excel's web query import. Macros have been removed.
If you spot any errors, have suggestions, or just want to say hello, email me.

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